This gene set was selected in Carbonetto and Stephens (2013) from an interrogation of 3,158 derived from 8 publicly available pathway databases.



cytokine[i] = 1 if SNP i lies within 100 kb of a gene in the "Cytokine signaling in immune system" gene set, and cytokine[i] = 0 otherwise.


Pathway id 75790 from the Reactome database, or pathway id 366171 from the BioSystems database.


P. Carbonetto and M. Stephens (2013). Integrated enrichment analysis of variants and pathways in genome-wide association studies indicates central role for IL-2 signaling genes in type 1 diabetes, and cytokine signaling genes in Crohn's disease. PLoS Genetics 9, e1003770.


  # See demo.cytokine.R vignette.